Installing Scala on Mac OS X

11 Jun 2015 | General Coding

I’ve been having some fun lately exploring a functional, object-orientented, JVM language called Scala. This post will show you how to install it on Mac OS X in three simple steps.


That's a Wrap

30 Apr 2015 | Web Development

I’ve been working on a small web tool for my Arduino projection library project. In attempting to turn off word wrapping for a textarea, I was quickly reminded how fickle textareas can be. I thought I’d post my findings to help out anyone else needing to do the same thing in a cross-browser-friendly manner.


Pull-up & Pull-down Resistors

07 Mar 2015 | Electronics

In understanding how pull-up and pull-down resistors work for microcontroller inputs, and why they’re necessary, it’s important to see a circuit diagram. Unfortunately, most circuit diagrams on the Internet are somewhat incomplete – that is, they’re usually missing the microcontroller along with its input impedance (resistance) and ground. Without these, it can be somewhat unclear when attempting circuit analysis (using Ohm’s Law and the like) just exactly why pull-up and pull-down resistors work. The following circuit diagrams and calculations are an attempt to provide a more complete picture.


Installing Maxima on Mac OS X

27 Feb 2015 | Software

Maxima is a great multi-platform tool for modeling mathematical problems. It’s a computer algebra system similar to Mathematica or Matlab. I recently tried to install Maxima on a Mac, as I’ve used it before in Windows. I ran into some confusion that was met with a disappointing amount of help on the Internet. So, I thought I would outline the steps I took to get it working in hopes that it will be useful to my future self and others.