Lerp Animations and More with Unity Coroutines - Part 1

13 Nov 2015 | Game Development

I recently came up with a nice, flexible, mini-framework for dealing with on-the-fly animations in Unity. It was birthed out of a need to create quick lerp animations, by means of coroutines, that are framerate-independent and easy to work with. I’ll give the complete implementation in this multi-part post.


Bubbling Events in Unity

20 Oct 2015 | Game Development

I recently came across another hairy problem in Unity (version 5.2, as of this post), specifically using the new EventSystems. I eventually figured out that the problem could be solved by bubbling events, but I wasn’t sure how to do that. This post will recap the original problem and how I solved it, in hopes that it will save you hours of head scratching and frustration if you happen to be in a similar scenario.


Non-Rectangular UI Buttons in Unity

18 Oct 2015 | Game Development

I recently solved a seemingly common problem that I came across in Unity. I had a non-rectangular image (that is, an image with transparency), and I wanted to only detect clicks on the areas that made up the actual graphic, filtering out any transparent pixel clicks. Unfortunately, this functionality is not built into Unity (at least not as of Unity 5.2). But alas, don’t lose hope! There’s a simple solution at hand. With one script, you should be on your way to buttons of any shape.


Configuring a Unity Project for External Version Control

09 Oct 2015 | Game Development

This quick post documents how I typically set up a Unity project when working with external version control. Though it focuses on using Git or Mercurial via SourceTree, the principles can be applied to other version control tools.


Creating an Executable Terminal Script in OS X

17 Sep 2015 | General Coding

Ever wanted to make yourself more efficient with a script? The following steps will show you how to set up a basic shell script to run in the terminal on OS X.