What is Aurum?

Aurum, Latin for “gold”, is a casual but challenging hexagonal puzzle game. You’re presented with three randomly-shaped pieces each round, and the goal is to place them onto the board to form lines across in any direction. These basic game mechanics combined with power-ups and other buyable items from the shop (which is non-freemium!) make the game simply impossible to put down. Curious? Get Aurum Now! (Requires iOS 8 or higher)



  1. Can I purchase more game credits with real money?

    Nope. Part of the philosophy behind Aurum is to avoid the “freemium” model. When you purchase Aurum, you get everything you need for the full experience. Simply bring your skills and desire to have fun.

  2. Do I have to buy Aurum for each device on which I want to play?

    No, you do not have to buy Aurum for each device. Aurum is yours for every iOS devices tied to your Apple ID, so long as you used that Apple ID to purchase it.

  3. What if my iCloud data does not load correctly on another device?

    First, check to make sure that you have iCloud Drive enabled for your device and for Aurum:

    1. Settings → iCloud → iCloud Drive, then
    2. Ensure iCloud Drive is enabled
    3. In the list of apps, ensure the setting for Aurum is enabled

    If you already have iCloud Drive enabled, it can sometimes take a few minutes for iCloud data to become available when switching devices. Switching out of Aurum and returning a few minutes later should allow the iCloud data to be loaded.

  4. What if I don’t want to use iCloud saves?

    No problem. If for some reason you’d like to disable iCloud save functionality for Aurum, this can be easily achieved through your device’s Settings app:

    1. Settings → iCloud → iCloud Drive
    2. In the list of apps, ensure the setting for Aurum is disabled
  5. How do I clear my game data?

    If you’d like to start afresh, you’ll need to delete your device data and your iCloud data:

    1. Delete the app via your device home screen, then
    2. Go to Settings → iCloud → Storage → Manage Storage → Aurum → Edit → Delete All
    3. Reinstall Aurum from the App Store

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