Angular Routing Gotchas

01 Oct 2017 | Web Development

Early on in my journey with Angular, I found myself in situations where data (such as form values) would disappear mysteriously when routing. I soon became familiar with some of the nuances of Angular’s routing system. In this post, I’ll show you some of the pitfalls that I encountered and how to deal with them.


How to Make a Raspberry Pi Time Capsule

15 Oct 2016 | Electronics

I’ve been wanting to do something useful with my Raspberry Pi lately, so I decided to make a network-connected backup drive for use with Time Machine on my Mac. There are lots of online articles that explain the process, though many seem full of extraneous steps. In this post, I’ll outline a minimalist approach to creating your own Time Capsule from a Raspberry Pi.


Lerp Animations and More with Unity Coroutines - Part 4

28 Nov 2015 | Game Development

We wrapped up the last post with supporting easing functions in our Unity lerp animations. In this final post, we’ll add a finishing touch to our AnimationHelper which will help deal with the problem of conflicting animations.


Lerp Animations and More with Unity Coroutines - Part 3

27 Nov 2015 | Game Development

We ended the previous post with a complete implementation of AnimationHelper, a singleton-like object to aid in creating framerate-independent lerp animations quickly and easily. Since linear animations can get boring pretty quickly, this post will demonstrate how to support easing functions, well, “easily.”


Lerp Animations and More with Unity Coroutines - Part 2

18 Nov 2015 | Game Development

In the last post, we established what “lerping” is (not to be confused with larping) and what the best method is for using a lerp to create framerate-independent animations in Unity. This post will introduce you to a helper class designed to make coding these lerp animations easy.